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Client-focused app

Preference Selection and Basket

MyChoice offers a modern solution for choice food pantries, allowing clients to place orders and schedule pickup from their phone or computer.

Preferences can specify allergens, ingredients, and nutritional data, leading to more personal assistance while reducing waste.

Pickup Scheduling and Management

Clients can select their pickup day or time based on pantry schedule, holidays, and capacity.

When an order is ready for pickup, directions become available in-app to your specified pickup location. Instructions, check-in, and mobile ID allow for organized, contactless order pickup.

Notifications and Reminders

Each client can customize which notifications they receive, and how they receive them. Each notification method (email, app, push) can be enabled and configured individually.

Some devices support calendar and reminder integration, allowing for more seamless integration with system apps and features.

Tools for easy management

Household and Account Audits

Require information from clients on registration or before placing an order – including household member information. This can help keep track of and verify eligibility for programs and options.

Order Forms with Dynamic Options

Depending on the number of members or benefit eligibility, pantries can create multiple order forms, each with their own set of options and limits.

New app users can shop from the pantry’s online market where options are displayed based on the order form and option limits.

Detailed Product Information

Each product can include additional product information that may be helpful for preference selection.

Allergens, ingredients, and nutritional data can be added or imported – it becomes searchable and filterable

Notifications and In-App Messaging

Pantries have the option to display app-wide notices and send notifications, as well as the ability to direct-message clients from within the app.

Messaging offers an in-app, encrypted communication channel that doesn’t require a phone number or carrier plan.

Import and Export Any Record Type

Clients, households, products, orders, and almost all available data sets can be exported to a .csv file. Export options allow for compatibility with nearly any CRM or database.

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