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The MyChoice default app icon incorporates an icon by Vector’s Market on FlatIcon: Fruit icons created by Vectors Market – Flaticon The MyChoice APTT logo is copyright A Place to Turn, Natick, MA.

iOS, iPadOS, macOS, App Store, iCloud, and related are registered trademarks of Apple, Inc. Copyright Apple, Inc.

Firebase, Android, Google Play, and related are registered trademarks of Google, Inc.

Terms of Service

Please refer to Smashstar Media’s Terms of Service, here.

Privacy Policy

MyChoice does not collect and share any data with third parties. Personal information collected by individual food pantries will be covered in their own privacy policies, and they are not permitted to share the data they collect with any other organizations for any purpose.

MyChoice follows Smashstar Media’s Privacy Policy, found here. Individual food pantries may include their own privacy policies, which are listed below:

You can manage your preferences and stored personal information by logging into your account and tapping Settings. There you can change your personal information, change notification preferences, request a copy of all data collected, and/or request deletion and removal of your account and data.


MyChoice uses a combination of cloud services and local (device) caching. Cloud service include Firebase, Google Analytics, and offline analytics. The iOS app may include the ability to save your preferences to iCloud.